Dating Tips - How to Flirt With a Woman by Touching Her

Published: 15th June 2009
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Being naturally shy can fill your head with ideas that may not matter much in the 'dating game'. For instance, the thought of touching can be a challenge to many men because they don't know whether it's ok or not ok to touch a woman while in conversation with her.

To clear it up, here's what you should remember. Touching can be an awesome way to add to your interaction with women if the touch is used to: emphasize somewhat the you said; and executed in the spirit of fun, among no malicious intent whatsoever.

Have your own customized 'flirting touch' to make her feel your affection or your interest. If you don't have one yet, right here are three effective ways of making the most of touch to improve your dating game.

#1. The Lingering High Five.

What's the difference between a high 5 and a hand shake? The former conveys familiarity, while the latter affects it uncomplicated to the woman that you're introducing yourself. Is there a way to turn a high five to a lingering handshake? There is. When you meet her and you exchange a high five, you can let your touch linger a little larger number of by squeezing her hand lightly before you let her go. This way, an impersonal gesture gets woefully personal and heart-stopping.

#2. Forehead touching.

If you approach a girl who's currently very silent and unresponsive, you can show all the uneasiness you want by requested her if she's ok, but you can take this sort gesture one step further by touching her forehead. If it turns out she's really sick, later your flirting touch easily saved her life! If she's just bored, though, you still get points for being worried around her well being.

#3: The Sexy Whisper.

You know how it can get exceptionally noisy in bars and you can't give the impression to find a place to talk privately? I need not say that conversation in now kind of situation could get tricky if you and your girl do not lean within and whisper to every other. Now, there is a prompt and impersonal way of doing the current (leaning and barking loudly for your girl to get the message); and there's a sexier way of generating sexual tension just by whispering in her ear. First, don't bark; talk in a normal manner so she can hear your sexy baritone. Next, you ask for to take the plunge and lean deep, with your lips almost touching her ear.

If you can do these three effective steps, you're ready for a more advanced course on flirting. Download your FREE Dating Ebook @ href=""> now.

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